Multimodal Analyses enabling Artificial Agents in Human-Machine Interaction                                                          MA3


Accepted papers

Incorporating Multi-Modal Evaluation into a Technology Enhanced Learning Experience,

Lynne Hall, Ruth Aylett, Colette Hume, Eva Krumhuber, and Nick Degens

Static Human Gesture Grading Based on Kinect

Linwan Liu, Xiaoyu Wu, Linglin Wu and Tianchu Guo

The TSB Technique vs 3D Technology: A study to determine the increases of interpretability for an avatar's gaze across both approaches.

Mark Dunne, Brian Mac Namee and John Kelleher

The Influence of Context Knowledge for Multimodal Annotation on natural Material

Ingo Siegert, Ronald Böck and Andreas Wendemuth

Facial expression as an input annotation modality for affective speech-to-speech translation

Eva Szekely, Zeeshan Ahmed, Ingmar Steiner and Julie Carson-Berndsen

Camera ready versions are due by August the 31st in Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS) format. Template can be found here:




University of California, Santa Cruz

September 15th, 2012

Workshop at IVA 2012 Twelfth

International Conference on Intelligent Virtual Agents

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